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Mosquito Control

Mosquito infestations pose a threat to the health and safety of your family and pets. Take back your back yard with the help of a licensed Mosquito Abatement Specialist.

We conduct a comprehensive site inspection to evaluate possible breeding sites, such as standing water, formed by excessive rain, leaks or clogged gutters/drains. We work with you to help minimize potential breeding grounds. We may apply a chemical control product using targeted application, as well as insect growth regulators .

Mosquito Bourne Illnesses

Several mosquito-borne viruses circulate in Georgia each year and are capable of causing disease in humans and other animals. Mosquito-borne viruses are most active late spring through early fall in Georgia. If public health reports positive birds or horses in your area, or if you see large numbers of mosquitoes, you could be at increased risk of infection. Always take personal protective measures to avoid mosquito bites, especially when mosquito-borne viruses have been identified near you.

  • Canine Heartworm
  • West Nile Virus
  • Equine Encephalitis Virus
  • LaCross Virus
  • Saint Louis Encephalitis Virus

Controlling Mosquitoes

There are things that you can do around the house to make it much less inviting to these flying pests.

  • Cleaning up standing water
  • Cutting back vegetation
  • Staying inside during the dawn and dusk hours
  • Wear long pants and long sleeved shirts as much as possible

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