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Pest Control for Hotels & Hospitality

D & H Services will implement proactive measures to discourage pests from infesting and inhabiting your business by limiting access to their basic necessities for survival.

At D & H Services, we believe that one-size-fits-all solutions to pest management are simply not effective. Because no two buildings are exactly alike, D & H Services will start with an inspection of your property to evaluate your business facility and the sanitation issues or structural conditions that could attract pests. We'll investigate why you have ants on one floor and not on others. We'll find how pests can get in or why they might want to. Once we have a complete understanding of your specific needs, we will put in place a program of proactive techniques to help prevent pests.

Common Pests in Hotels & Hospitality

With a schedule of regular inspections, we will monitor your facility and react quickly to any new problems that have appeared since the last visit.

D & H Services provides a Bed Bug Control Program:

We can help solve current bed bug problems and conduct ongoing maintenance visits to help ensure the treatment is effective. We will inspect your property and recommend a custom program designed to meet your facility’s requirements.

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